GB7HH News

2 November 2021
GB7HH website revised and updated.

13 July 2020
We are pleased to announce that GB7HH is now operational from its new permanent site in Romford, running at full power, all signal reports welcome.
Please see the GB7HH QRZ page for operational details.

Thanks to Gareth 2E0PSN for all your assistance!


4 December 2019
GB7HH is now dual network dmr with Phoenix on slot1 static talk groups are 1,2,13,235 also added static talkgroup 801 on slot2,
The remainder of slot two is Brandmeister usually linked to Ref 4400 with all on demand talkgroups available. Also D-STAR and YSF enabled.

For dashboard please follow link on GB7HH QRZ page  (


9 May 2019
GB7HH is now operational although on low output power and reduced antenna height for the time being.  The antenna is still very low.

The talk groups are as follows:

  • Slot 1 is Phoenix with static 1,2,13,235 and also 801 on slot 2.
  • The remainder of slot 2 is Brandmeister usually linked to ref 4400 tg9 to talk.  All user activated talkgroups are available also. The LEFARS talkgroup 23511 is also static on slot 2

28 April 2019
Still soak testing, awaiting antenna install!


25 April 2019
GB7HH output 439.7500 input 430.750. Dmr cc3 and dstar.








GB7HH coverage map modified























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