How to use GB7HH

Output frequency: 439.7500 MHz
RX Frequency: 430.7500 MHz
MMDVM: 20180327

Motorola DMR
Colour Code: 3
DMR ID: 235226
Phoenix is slot 1 talkgroups 1, 2, 13, 235 static plus all user activated talk groups, slot 2 talkgroups 801, 840, 842.
Brandmeister is slot 2 linked to talkgroup 2350 and the LEFARS talkgroup 23511 static on slot 2, all other talkgroups are available on demand on a dynamic basis.

connected to echo so as not to tie up repeater but all rooms available on demand (please disconnect when finished)

icom D-STAR
Linked by default to DCS005B